Morning Style Merchants. This is a great shirt, but not a great shot. Too, too late now to reconsider, but at least with all the cardboard gear on it you get that its new, right? It arrived yesterday, and its by that Turnbull&Asser lot. They want me to launder it 2 or 3 times then send it back. Seems rather controlling of them, no? All sorts want to do and say with this but simply can't. What do you call this colour? Am calling it cocoa for now. Probably get corrected, in which case I'd better change the title. It's a gorgeous Sea Island cotton with slight glaze to it- don't even wanna wear it is so nice, let alone put in a horrid washing machine. Wonder if can get cocoa colour white goods?

I also aquired this, only the day before, also from East London's Columbia rinse market. Its a butter dish - something been hankering after for so, so long. Got slightly sucked into the cocoa and pale stoney grey-ness of the the set and bought little bowls, and an olive/gherkin/artichoke heart display dish too. By the time I'd finished this whole thrift shop experience had run up over a long 'un. Tense? Thrift-tense for sure. Anyway, channeling this cocoa colour trend instead of delivering stuff.

Having a proper butter dish is a revelation I have to concede. Never gonna look back. Could deliver better images of both, but will consider that issue when filed tomorrow. Maybe won't file, and have actually cracked-this is just the first stage. Tense? Gotta be tense or nothing happens. I've noticed that a trend too. Gherkin anyone?

Stubbs out.

PS. Other procrastination is the Balearic Russian's shoes- let's not go into that, eh?

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