Afternoon Style-Fiends. Lots to discuss- no time to post. Bought these two Bay trees for my old square pots from Columbia Road market yesterday, intended as a suitably smart edge to my new-ish urban decking. There's a fully blown free-standing tree-version in background if you look, beyond the rampant Ivy. I love rampant Ivy. Its so 'old money', no? The decking constitutes my strange 'hand-ball court of civility' that my French Windows look out on to, briefly catching the morning sun, and also forming a nice platform to do stuff on a stability ball on, frequently in my pants, during less civilised moments, wasting time.

Its slightly raining out there now, effectively spitting on the deck of the bays. You know we like a pun on Style&Error, the clue's in the title, so please Otis, take it away...

Stubbs out.

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