Morning Pun Diletantes. From my research last week, discovered this sublime piece of cutting. It's a bespoke evening jacket from Alexander McQueen, created in tandem with the design team and the bespoke workroom downstairs by the relatively new McQueen signing, Ritchie Charlton. McQueens artful lines, with classic yet dramatic ethos executed at this level of make is pretty damn special, in black mohair. Its not so much Row and runway collide, as them parking neatly in adjacent spaces and swapping sandwiches.

Alexander McQueen shawl evening jacket.

Official description is two ply Mohair shawl collar Tuxedo jacket with silk faille rever and silk faille covered buttons and matching trousers. The shoulder is exquisite and the line of the jacket delightful. The single button fastening that comes together like a cufflinked sleeve if you wish is a beautiful touch. This is certainly appearing in my multi-functional coverage am chipping away at this week. Charlton's worked on tailoring campaigns such at Haywards on Mount, and of course The Mighty K's Second Coming*, the man commands some serious shears.  He's a young vet' in the making.  A ranking Row cutter in service at a fashion designers producing fabulous evening gear like this has got to be 'a thing', no? More, as, and, when, can, manage.

Stubbs out -of the Metropolis.

*Kilgour, obviously. Have you heard? There might be a third..