Afternoon Style Fundamentalists. Hope all is awfully well. Got this big Savile Row evening wear project on this week, isnt it. I forecast it will prove not only exciting but educational, most probably for me. Probably wont look like this either, I hope.

Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara and John Cassavetes in Husbands.

Talking of Husbands, am sure you'll be relieved to hear all went well with Mr.Chernins wedding. Shot of The Balaeric Russian and myself on steps of Bethnal Green Town Hall looks very much like we're on our civil ceremony. It might well be the matching Emma Willis ties that do it, no?

Balearic Russian & Style-Butler, Bethnal Green Town Hall.

I can assure you, we didnt get married, not even a bit. His beautiful wife Sam looked rather more elegant/radiant than I. Havent got the pictures to do her justice however- was on button holes, not button pushing, see? Look, will tell ya more about this Row caper when I can. Right now am up to my lats in fashion returns in the luxe-cellar.

Stubbs out.