Evening Bitch Crackers Awayers. So Paris Vogue Hommes International knocks it clean out of the theatre of mens style again. When does it not? The good thing about very good work is that its no effort to consume it. It just happens. Their work is so well done, its effortless consuming. Nice. Thanks for that you lot.  Alain Fabian Delon, Alains boy, is on the cover shot by David Simms and styled by Emmanuelle Alt.

Alains in his Dad's game- acting too. Alain looks eminently sparkable at times, but its good. So are many of the other shoots. Even their kettle story is double dignified, correct and super stylish. Get down the competition. The thing ends with a big fashion bang, just to show they can still do fashion full throt' if they fancy it. Do yourself a menswear favour and get a copy. I've got a couple of shoots coming up by the way. Gulp.

Stubbs out.