Morning Style Merchants. Working last night at Elton's Brit Icon thing with Matey-off -the Box. These two did a duet. Shame didnt choose a better track than Sad Song, but there one goes. Bennie & The Jets was very good. The dancing in the audience was quite shocking stuff. Still tense from that.

Tongue out of cheek humour from Sharon.

I thought Elton called Rod -'Sharon'- which I thought worked perfectly. I was wrong. Elton is Sharon and Rod is Phyllis. The reverse would be much more suitable surely. Rod's shoes also made me quite tense when I was stood next to him for a minute and half. Quite disappointed, but shan't go into them. Liked his boutonniere thing with evening/stage look though- that worked. Elton wore Richard James tail coat suit and totes look. Richard told me later about the time Elt and Gianni Versace came into the shop in the Nineties and bought the whole shop in all the sizes. The bags wouldnt fit in a row short ways on the length of the gaff. Thats what I call retail. Meanwhile, am enjoying Elton doing Soul Train channeling the green trend that is soon to be upon us. More of forthcoming 'Lodens-Run' later in week. Flat out, innit. Take it Sir Elt'..

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. This track is so jolty and broken even the Soul Train dancers could move to it.

Ex-Jockitic prints.

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