Afternoon Style Mongers. Headless torso Number 2 in a series. This is just a holding shot for now, but couldnt resist sticking it up. Its The Balearic Russian in his Casely-Hayford suit. Ariston cashmere, Emmett shirt, Emma Willis silk/linen tie, Anderson & Sheppard pocket square in lawn cotton. Recognise the names? Course you do. Why don't I change my fundamental moves often? Why on earth would I?

Maybe need to go in closer to show the textures- they are really lovely together. Full marks to the boy Casely-Hayford. He's smashed it out of the park. This is just a first draft styling wise, but I rather think this might be it. If Sam, his fiance is reading this: what the hell are you doing woman? This is secret stuff. Go and google bouquets for Christ's sake. Anyway, must dash orf. Until I put a proper review up, maybe you'd like to see The B.R. doing music journo stuff with Andrew Weatherall (click). Am hoping to embed it when I get permission off the makers, but for now its a link ting.

Stubbs out.

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