Morning Outerly Mobilists. Big old weekend in mens style media from where I was sat. Both the new Telegraph Luxury Channel and magazine and my How To Spend It column were covering action outer-wear. The Telegraphs new product is exemplary, full respect to those who conceived and executed it. Bill Prince out of GQ is an ardently confident, worldy and calm voice in mens style and luxury- sniff out his work on line later in the week. Meanwhile, thought would put this Stone Island Shadow (£920) number up here as it didnt make the pictorial edit in How To Spend It (click).

Stone Island Shadow Stealth Trench.

Also a more practical shot than the Captain Birdseye/Steptoe style image we ran of the Cabourn Everest Parka, (£2,399). Orange eh? Ginger caution!

Nigel Cabourn Everest Porka!

This post was supposed to go up Saturday. Didnt happen. What can I say?Been researching music for the Savile Row gig on Thursday- perhaps that distracted me. One of the favourites is below, by Orange Juice. Kids, you should play this track. Feeling a bit sluggish right now, but hope to snap into it and update you with wha'gwan on The Row, castings and that.

Stubbs out.

PS. Footage of Regent and Oxford Street on a wet day in 1983 is very interesting. Almost makes you shudder.