Morning Sartorial Fundamentalists. Doing the big event down The Row tonight, including presenting of my salon style show to 300 people. I styled the 9 models in 9 tailors work, but didnt really plan to talk through it. Still, I could do with a rush. Hope dont vomit down my Emma Wills. Too focused and keyed up to bang on at length (means scared). Mum just said on bone that I'm not daunted by this sort of thing. Mum, I'll let you know how the daunt count is going at 6pm. Meanwhile, made a few moves that might blaze an eyebrow or two down The Row. Well, we only pass this way once.

Davide Conti in Budd dress shirt.

That said, would be better if didnt have to spend next decade looping round Old Burlington Street just to get to Cecconis from Berluti, know what I mean chaps? Let ya know if get lynched by tailors. Must say am double pleased with casting. Will bore ya with it during the aftermath week- gonna drag that right out, so brace yourselves. Its the subverted Row moves that I'm getting off on. Loving Tafari in Anderson&Sheppard with just an Emma Willis ivory silk scarf underneath velvet smoking jacket. Lets see if it makes the edit. There's more too.

Tafari in Anderson&Sheppard.

Fancy some Jackie Wilson to take it up one notch? He's got the moves. Would kill for that hair. Bring the goosebumps..

Stubbs out.

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