Morning Style Mentalists. Got myself a temporary lock-up right near The Row. It's not fit for public consumption quite, but it's gonna be where my eveningwear and accessories get stashed until the Savile Row eveningwear bash next week. A double exciting day lies ahead perusing the finest evening accessories and shoes that I could pen on a list. Shoe list includes classicists  John Lobb, J.G. Cleverley and Edward Green, tempered with fashion flair from Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo.  Might have to camp there over the weekend with that roster in effect. It'd be awful if some sort of shoe Raffles type cat-gurgled the gaff of its fine footwear, no? They do exist mind.

Temporary Row Lock Up.

Also visiting Turnbull&Asser, Emma Willis and Budd. Cant think what could be more gratifying. Oh, actually, have thought of a couple of things, but there's a charge for those these days, still. Meanwhile, almost did get charged with 'Attempted Stylistic Treason' (again) for planning to 'break' the Officers dress look from Dege&Skinner below. Impersonating an Officer in state of undress they tried to level at me. Shame, as thought would go nicely with a neat, narrow midnight blue pants from Rake and a cheeky Louboutin slipper. Thought it'd be a right hit down the mess. Silly me.

Dege&Skinner Officers dress coat.

Christ those Beefeaters  get a trifle balshy towards the end of the day when they're working undercover. Now I know what they mean by Traitors Gait. What a terrible mess I've made of my life/list*.

Stubbs out.

PS. Vada these cheeky fellas below regardless. Either would have been nice. And a single glove from Budd perhaps. Still, what one gets up to behind closed doors is ones own business, right? Unless they're implementing fashion thought policing. Pah! Bring it.

Louboutin-Officers patent flannel loafer.

Louboutin Tassilo pony stud combo- understated verve.

PPS. Have you got everthing now? * . Mozzas autobiography out on 17th October, pending more madness.