Afternoon Style Fiends. Hope all is well. One minute I'm fancying the new Gresca belt by The Tod's, the next realise WGSM scrawled into the diary isn't a mystic rune about genetically modified waistcoats I was tossing about, but was in fact their awards do tonight. A big old do at the Victoria&Albert and one's on the panel, having voted for people at some point, be nice to be reminded who. And why maybe? Mr.Luke Day is going, so shall make a proper effort. The he tells me its black tie though for pity's sake. I mean black. When is black Melange gonna happen properly, eh?

That was gonna be black Melange Sunspel sweats for the rest of the day for me. Now its not. Better bike in some pearls. The belt's dead nice though, no? Seen some great sports jackets too. No time to tell sadly.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.