Morning Sole Searchers. Ready to welcome the 'new sole vision'? Been out and about searching in The Metropolis all day yesterday. All manner of visits. Shrinker. Tailor. Watchstrap maker. Up market meat emporia. Sherberts. Buses. Pub. Visited Matches press day first though. Saw these lively shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. They're rather Mr.Noisy (click) at The Rainbow Rooms, dont cha fink?

Mr.Noisy style at Matches

Admire their utter mentalness. What clothes does one wear with them though? Massive bags perhaps? Skinny little Saint Laurent rocker pants would be amusing. If you're so anti-fashion, why not flares? Insteadof dressing  gown all the same? No. A distinctly non-work looking three piece with tiny vest and voluminous bags would be better, in khaki green tweed. Think going to have this khaki ostrich skin made into a strap for my IWC Ingenieur. What do you fink? Lux/exotic-rugged for the weekend, no? Also greenish style, slipped by Anderson&Sheppard for fitting of my slightly more sober tweed-ish three piece, which is coming on awfully nicely. Mr Malones trouser work is a marvel, lovely pleating. However, now not so certain about having a braces back on the pants. Makes ones arse look a yard long. Proper old fella sart-arse motif.

Head in the sand wrist styling.

Later, at night, I walked past my first flat in Archway. 1989 that was. Ritchie House, Hazelville Road. Felt so grown up to have an address. Still does. Felt double old/odd to be there. Vulnerable in comparison with being teenage. Oh yes. Nothing had changed, and everything had changed. What hasnt changed is that I am procrastinating on the dead of lineage again. I'm just searching for the old sole rebels...Mozza's book is out. What could go wrong? Kevin, take it away..

Stubbs out.

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