Morning Attitude Enthusiasts. Loved Lou. Maybe it's stylistic fatigue, but can't seem to get through Coney Island Baby this morning without 'feeling double upset'. Perhaps it's just a very sad song, but am really emotional about Lou dying. Loads is being said about him today, so best to not add to the noise perhaps. I listened to Lou a lot from when I was quite young, maybe didnt quite clock how long we've been rolling together. It's caught me off guard. His delivery and stance was properly cool, totally engaging and all his own- few can say that- although very many are still busy replicating it as best they can. He could whip up a scene without saying almost anything. Lou encapsulated New York double cool, and that should be recognised. Lets be straight, Lou taught Dave to speak hip. In fact who doesn't recognise it, hm?* Cheerio Lou. Remembered for services to music, leather jackets and aviator bins. R.I.P.

Laid back.

Lou's street-hustling, off-hand, abrasive, gentle and sometime skimpy lyrics performed his way are what take us somewhere. That's one thing Lou could really do: Take us somewhere. Purists might prefer something with The Velvets, or from Transformer or Berlin. That's fine, but this one always got me. Try it this morning, I dare ya. Think they're gonna play something desperately obvious on Radio 3 at any moment as a tribute. I'm playing this. Oh. Oh, they're playing Walk On The Wild Side. Bless.

If you're lucky I'll put Wild Child on here later. Sorry if this is clumsy, but cant leave this alone this morning. You know 'Street Hassle'? Well part III is a little too easy to not quote.

"Y'know tramps like us, we were born to pay. Love has gone away And there's no one here now And there's nothing left to say But, oh, how I miss him, baby Oh, baby, come on and slip away Come on, baby, why don't you slip away"

Stubbs out.

* No Lou in your life? No comment.

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