Morning Style Merchants Of The Weekend. Hope all is shockingly well. Did the Savile Row Chivas partnership launch event on Thursday. God bless Chivas for investing in 'our thing'. Perhaps they'll give us all pensions- a whisky Giro if you will*? The thing went very well. Nine looks from nine tailors on nine men I cast in nine minutes (ish). Was double pleased with them- each occupying a different space with different skills, like in a film with a shocking 5 out of 9 beards on board. 300 people assembled in Sartoria, the restaurant on the corner of The Row.

Doge Davide Conti Robe Shoulders Kilgour in Budd shirt.

Avid readers will both note I'm wearing what I wore to the Balearic Russians wedding. I had no time to rethink so flagrantly repeated. Sue me.

Gerrard in Henry Poole. We're discussing his Edward Green patent Pumps- Very Baroness Thatcher at a state funeral.

Fabian in Gieves & Hawkes

The men joined me on the stage one by one while I talked through their look. I then dispatched them to a roped off area to take their place and a Chivas whisky. That was the sort of pay off. I'd announce their preferred drink as they trouped away- this particularly got laughs. In a good way.

Mads in Dege&Skinner Royal Lanciers Officers gear & Oliver Goldsmith 'Lord' Bins.

Tafari in Anderson & Sheppared black velvet smoking jacket, Willis ivory scarf and leopard Louboutins. I give you Ditcator Louche.

Need more of Tafaris look and others. Afraid cant do a proper job of this now. Shant/cant bang on all morning as am intering the television zone later today and must purge myself with running in the open air first. Please excuse me while I don lycra. Have you met Don?

Stubbs out.

PS. Had a slogan I wanted to lay on you yesterday but its gone. Well annoyed

*PPS. Whisky in the Giro anyone?

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