Morning Style Mongers. Critical style moments going off down the Row-Lock up today. Styling the Savile Row event thats happening on Thursday. Exhilarating stuff. Thinking what might do with these two fellas. Chittleborough&Morgan ensemble is looking like a sitter for The Thin White Duke slot, no? I cast accordingly. Quite fancy a Fedora too, but might be going too far. Too tempting not to 'robe shoulder' with that vest. Smashing neat work.

Ryan in Chittleborough & Morgan.

As for matey-beardy below in Huntsman, might go Victoriana meets Husbands* in London on your asses.  Loads of scarf/cravate and/or coloured shirt action. Maybe. My assistant cut top of his head off, which is rather mean, no? Sozza Chris.

Christopher in Huntsman.

Anyway, shouldnt be writting this, should be attending to stuff for The How To Be Spunking It magazine supplement that I work for. Compulsions eh? Just where do they get a man. I shant/cant go into that now. Music for the show is gonna be interesting I'm hoping. A clue- You didnt hear it here, Roger?

Stubbs out.

*The John Cassavattes film.

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