Afternoon Style Fiends. Not got the stomach for it this week. I've got a new trench coat. Its by Berluti, it's stone colour, and its got quite massive lapels and suede panels, also in stone. Its an amazing piece, but I look nothing like as good as Dave in it. Spray on. Going paddling. I'm slipping below the waterline*.

Time takes a cigarette.

The little film below is distracting for a while. Its from 1985, written and directed by Gus Van Sant.  Mozzas Penguin autobiography is out Thursday. Jake's one of only three pictures in it. There's loads on him, he has been warned. I've got the picture. Who can wait?

Stubbs out.

PS. The thing is, I am really, really sorry.

* in Speedos. Could be worse. Could be slipping below the panty-line.

Berluti trench coat. Mines not like this, its stone dont you know, with suede panels.

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