Morning Style Fundamentalists. Sorry seemed to have lost the broadcast thread over last couple of days. Heart simply not in it, and hideously distracted doing stuff for a living. One such bit of stuff was reporting on the relaunch of Cerruti 1881 Paris for this season. This is a misleading shot of Nino Cerruti. Misleading is the new black.

Comfortable desk job.

Nino launched Cerruti 1881 Paris with a collection named Hitman. Giorgio Armani worked for him back then, who went on to make a few bits and pieces under his own name. The AW13 collection is globally exclusive to Matches (click) outside of Cerruti's Paris and China shops. Its double  good in my himble uponion*. Soft, sublte tailoring, with slightly longer jackets (actually a relief). They showed no suits, just very slightly mismatched separates. Suits do exist I've been informed.

The new Artistic Director (what ever happend to being called designer?) is Aldo Maria Camillo, previously of Valentino and Zegna. Exemplary fabric compositions come from the the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti mill where the family business began.

He did enough sinister long coats, trenches, Macs and sport-Greatcoats, for a Parisian remake of The Third Man. Will bung some more images up, but right now gotta put my face on-going into town.

Dont want to mind. Wanna stay here and fanny about. Might don a trench out of manners.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis. Midnight Runners, take it away- couldnt help this pony little link.

PS. E5 fact:Kev's moving to LC (Lower Clapton). Have that Maida Hill.

* editor to leave. Had enough of conventions.