Morning Suede Activists. Audie Charles, stylistic curator of Anderson&Sheppard’s luxury Daberhashery on Clifford Street (click) woke in a cold sweat. “We’ve nothing for Manolo should he visit. I was horrified” she explained. The remedy was simple. An exclusive collaboration in the form of a commission of Blahnik men’s shoes, from a life long A&S customer.

'Cyclamen' suede.

Just arrived this month, they’re quintessential Manolo chic. Oxford suede shoes in a narrow last with a gently squared chisel toe. The lines of punched seaming/stitching take playful routes, while the ‘porc velour’ suede comes in suitably poetic colours. Anemone, Avocat and Cyclamen very much channel the personal style of the man, also in Sienna brown. I went in, and there's actually loads more- havent got their special colour names, but they're very lovely. Gorgeous exclusive footwear with exemplary pedigree: Get ‘em while they’re haute.

'Avocat' suede.

Manolo Blanhik suede brogue for Anderson&Sheppard £720 to order. Get in there regardless, the shop is fabulous, and the team within beyond that still.

Stubbs out.

'Anemone' suede.

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