Morning Style Mongers. Neglect and disfunction, thats all you're gonna get from me for just now am afraid. Its unavoidable. Am getting to where I need to be mill-wise however. The Italian mills function differently from the Brits on almost all levels. This fella is one of the Vitale Barberis Canonico family. Francesco. He's a serious player in the mill pond, a style merchant par excellence and a bon viveur, some other French words and a bit of a hoot.


As is my latest line of exemption, got no time to tell ya what was gwaning at mo'. Sozmans. Saw a slew of exciting fabric both old and new mind, but just got back home early/late this morning. Should be up and about right now, 'prepping' a shoot, touching clothe straight after touching down.

Simply cant wait to 'share'. If ya want more than this, better go visit matey on Permenant Smile, right? Am on my Swiss ball as it goes. Bespoke physique? Um, no.

Going to shoot that has the clowns from Heat magazine in the equation. How awful, no? Gonna treat it like an anthrapological experiment/zoo trip. I've been courteous.

Stubbs out.