Morning Meaning Merchants. Bowie looks at his massive fashion chronograph watch and it says 9.25, "Oh god, I'm still alive"- Apparently so, better do a quick luxury campaign, no? Dave is doing the Louis thing, following in the footsteps of significant lessers and Keith Richards. One admits shock. The thing is out tomorrow, here's the trailer (click). A press release described him as 'Singer' David Bowie.  Can only imagine Dave's thinking this is a creative/nimble way to channel his new work through a new media. I'd Rather Be High from The Next Day is the track-sounds a little Man Who Sold The World period at times. Is it that though? An insider told me it was all about the wedge, but surely there's more. Perhaps a massive unignorable donation to a worthy cause? None got mentioned. The stills shoot is by David Sims.  Am most upset of all about the kettle placement. A massive chronograph is by Louis, who make bags and clothes traditionally. Dave, you are not evicting time.

First Lou dies, then Mozza on stage in full football kit last week (click) now Dave in an Edgeware Road teenager kettle. Hard times. The video references Dave's Labyrinth film, almost the worst of The Bowie periods. Almost. Not sure what to say about this. Surely Dave's more of a Vacheron man these days? Anyway, masked balls are pretty, pretty pony creative ideas surely. So Luhrmann-esque. The make up/masks are perhaps a bit Ashes To AshesArizona Muse, the co-star arrives by balloon in Venice's Piazza San Marco.

Dramatic yes, original, not really-very luxury fashion house though. Is that how I'd Rather Be High fits in? Maybe it'll be brilliant and we can all relax a trifle. I mean, I liked how Dave was wearing a bit of Louis, a check jacket as seen featured in The Sharpener (click) largely unannounced in his last video, The Stars (Are Out Tonight), co-starring Tilda Swinton, which was actually good (click). But now am a bit tense about the next liaison and all I have to give is guilt for dreaming.

I don't care how mental you are, where's me tea woman?

I just looked at my watch it says 11.14, and I think oh god, what the fuck am I doing this for, am in trouble already. Oh God I'm still on deadline. For those who still believe, take a little time for Dave at it proper style below as relative compensation. Louis, if you tuned in, loving your work, but had to say a couple of things-its cultural, right? Anyway, I still trust Dave. It's his script he's working from, his trick is you and me.

Stubbs out.

"Gosh, is he wearing a massive chronograph?"

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