Morning Cloth Fanciers. Not sure how to even strategise all stuff could report on this morning. Experiencing stylistic, special order, custom confusion melt down. 'First world problems' as every single mug on Twitter keeps saying. I prefer Middle Earth problems: feet too hairy again, cant seem to sort out my nagging jewellery dilemas* etc...Regardless of this, to level things however, this jacket been investigating/testing just got picked up in person by a smartly turned out Trunk chap. Nothing confusing about that. These excellent, pert little sports jackets constitute Trunks first 'own label' work (click) made in for them by Italain sartorial house, Caruso.

Shelby Trunk by Caruso for Trunk, for Mr.Klingberg.

Caruso are a top fav' of Trunk Founder/Owner/Muse  Mats Klingberg . They’ve designed the ‘Trunk Shelby’ pattern especially for  his ‘intelligent’ outfitters. “We wanted to add some British flavour, and make it a bit sharper” he told me, and its worked with  nice touch of  rope-age in the shoulder and a close three button fit. Fabrics choices were by Klingberg too,  a smashing gutsy Breanish Tweed from Isle of Lewis, and navy, grey and check flannels from Fox Brothers in Somerset. Am putting them in my The Sharpener column in HTSI soon (click) so I'd hurry up and get down to Trunk with haste. Chilton Street is quite the burgeoning new stylistic area of Marleybone, so it is, with Andre Balazs' hotel opening across the road next year. Shit the bed, its the new Soho, without the brasses and pony bars/media types. For the best really.

Stubbs out in Eastern Metropolis.

* Off down Hattons to have a satiation reccie with Stretch. More of that later.

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