Morning Cloth Touchers. On my way up North, and I dont just mean Stamford Hill (click). Am going all the way.. to Yorkshire. To Bradford and Huddersfield to visit some significant fabric mills. Mills are the new big things to be chatting about in mens style, you've probably noticed. Am going up there so can bang on more authoratively about this scene. Gonna get right in with the Mill Crowd if I can, Roger that?


Going Joseph H.Clissold, in Bradford, and Bower Roebuck&Co, Savile Clifford and W.T.Johnsons&Sons all in Huddersfield. What to wear is the big question surely? I mean, everyone's bang on the cloth-touching up there surely? Dont want to look like a visiting dignitary either mind, that'd be awful. Never get any good quotes that way. Tricky line to tread. CP Company anyone? A couple of epaulettes strike the right note perhaps. What would you do Ramsey?

Stubbs out.

You know who used to play this all the time on a Sunday of course? The clues in the names of one of the Mills. Nuff said for now.

Dont go to any trouble, please.

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