Morning Weekend Wonderers. Please excuse lack of proper style coverage. Is unswervable. The TV thing is on (you know, the thing?) and gets in the way. Gets in the way of vital style research and comment. The tailor-cut and fur-clad propagandists dont help with their invites and their menus... I am weak. Went to Michael Clarks Triple Bill (click) at Barbican on Friday: The suitably brilliant antidote to XFactory. Not reviewing it today, but new work using Pils Albatros and The Pistols New York were worth going for alone, and they were yet a small portion of whole sense spanglising bill. Go. Remarkably there are still tickets for the run, even for tonight. Do yourself a favour while you're still alive (click). Get dressed and run there.

Harry Alexander from Michael Clark Company shot by Jake Walters. Heard of him?

Right now I'm researching fitness style for my The Sharpener column in bed before work. Hence procrasto-writing here, see? Remarkably again, somehow running is so damn appealing am going out soon as have posted. The freedom is sort of sacred. Thank creation for running. And for music. Reckon I'm alive for running right now. So, I found this little film to get you lot going, ya cynics.

Meanwhile, from my research, rather like these off the hook Asics Piranhas (click). Love the look of race shoes for off-key style, not for running. I have small collection made through the years. Hope to add to them. (Mr Brown, this is in no way a hint- still love my other super light white gold suede fellas. Am going for a corporate style shake down, which I do for a living- so don't think am on case, Roger?). Add a nice pair of Orlebars and the sun and I'd be set. The ones below are for women and are more interesting still, the Asics Gel Kinsei 5

Asics Piranhas.

Asics Gel Kinsei 5

The costumes at Clarky's were stunning too, including graphic new zig zag black white chevron stuff with fringes down the sleeves, (for the girls). What Stevie Stewart does with dance gear for Michael's Company is exhilarating when added in the direction. Wonder if could go runing in it? Would be a running-foward look for sure. Especially down Hackney Downs.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis in lycra.

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