Afternoon Sartorial Fundamentalists. While out in the West Metropolis yesterday managed to get self down to Beauchamp Place and Edward Sextons Artelier. Mein Gott he was spritely, upbeat and sharp. Double sharp. Look at this flannel number.

Couldn't get enough of it myself, so took/and had lots of shots done. Quite alot. Edward's suit was so snug, elegant, classic yet totes easy. I want in. Seems we were effectively semi-twinning, in a way, even with a poppy on the go. Again, couldnt resist a couple of snaps. Am in Rake soft constructed shallow DB flannel, which I love, but Sextons proportion looks more grown up and elegant in comparison. I'm double keen on Rake's work, make no mistake, but this is a case for the longer jacket come back, no? Love how kong low and leafy Sexton plays it here.

Sexton and disciple.

Edward had loads to tell.  A new, strong MTM offer from the House of Sexton for starters. I will report on this when I have all I need- but am already very interested. £1800 for a Sexton cut two piece. How can that not be good? He's also taken his own shirt pattern to a new factory, tailored like a jacket at the sleeve, very good round the chest and shoulder- clever stuff. Excellent shirt offer- so ordered one. Dominic Sebag Monteflore, Sexton's understudy, measured me up, mercilessly.

Hands on styling. Sextons new Change coat.

Like the hand movements? Love talking to Sexton about style. Its instinctive, its in his veins and he's bang on his history and theory. Chatting about nuance, classic and the future on all levels. Not got time to do details now but couldnt help sharing this sartorial moment with you lot.

Stubbs out.

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