Afternoon Formality Fundamentalists. Blow me I called me in such a bevy of ties to work with this weekend in Wembley. Too, too many to talk about, but the sheer texturality of the new wave of textile strong ties is to be noted. Slubs and the rest. Noted? Its all about big thick substantial lumps of textured material, I think thats clear. Texture is the new colour.

Emma Willis & Thom Sweeney ties with a Pal Zileri suit.

I'm checkin' slubble sugar, moving down the line... Anyway, why my jive talking? Simps: Found some new versions of tracks from Trouble Man by Marvin on The Spotify and they're channelling the most excitment right now. Once combined the music with the tie assemblage, we might be on to some tangible message, Roger?

'Till then, 'Taxis, death and trouble', as a pal of mine once pointed out, is what am leaving you with. Check Marv' drink his espresso between bouts. Nice. Must point out, this is more a visual thing, and the really maj' versions are laid down as recordings, no video. Roger?

If you dont have The Spotify thats a bit of a shame, the versions are all on there. Get modern/get back. Get on.

Stubbs out.

What you talking about Willis?

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