Morning Short Termists. Someone tall and posh, with a big nose who knows, asked me why all training shorts are black. Good question. So, lets look at these peculiarly but clever fellas. Need a reason to run fast and run true? These could be for the answer. You wouldnt wanna hang about in them, would you? From the Gyakuso running collection by textile designer/runner Jun Takahashi in collaboration Nike (click). Odd, yes. Very Japanese, like hi-tech French knickers. Ever so light and ever so different from black shorts.

Against everyones wishes, my Butler, my mother and Nike, am going running in them, with the top half too, naturally. Along the canal, past the Olympic thing, all the way to E13. See ya at the cemetery, one way or the other. The future's short. You gonna run there or let it come to you, like flabby sloths? Give your tailor a fighting chance, get off your arse in something scary.

Stubbs out.