Afternoon Scene Schemers. Three points from yesterdays pre-Wembley style-up are below, and its what can happen if you look to music to style your new suit. It didnt help me, I'm certain, but then nothing can. Anderson&Sheppard three-piece, with increased attitude via collar bar on a 'Corleone' collared Emmett shirt and vintage Hermes tie. The fabric is an unusual wool 11oz wool by Porter&Harding called the Glorious Twelfth. It has a super subtle cobalt blue slub in it. It wasnt the Pub Rock-Savile Row fusion I'd imagined at first while listening to Roxette, it was something else. Will explain the Doctor Feelgood idea this coming week perhaps. Felt like needed something else..

This is the letter knife from L'Objet that arrived. Far more substantial and lovely than I imagined. Smashing. I love this guy. Bring on the post, for sure, but can I take it to work and make it work?

Then there's the two tone issue. Resolved with the Berlutis, top, not the Ferragamo ostrich guys, wearing, that fancied a run out. They never got one.

Things didnt get much livelier, so lets leave it here, Roger? I wonder what it could be. Cuff links perhaps, or just not enough bass and harp?

Stubbs out.