Morning Shuffle Merchants. Collected these nouveau Co-respondent fellas below this week from J.M.Weston on Jermyn. They're a custom order placed an age ago. There's almost a saga attached to them and their creation, but shant bore ya. I did a piece on the Co-Res in HTSI at the beginning of March this year (click) which would suggest am a fan. Am a fan. Thought would push it a trifle colour scheme wise. They're in dove grey suede and Burgundy leather, and are probably gonna get dropped with pinstripe Anderson&Sheppard, also navy and grey herringbone looks. But the question on simply everyones lips in Lower Clapton today is of course which laces does one go with?

Co-habitting with Burgundy & dove.

I think it plays out thus: The Burgundy on Burgundy is more Victorian looking, while grey contrasting laces is more Twenties, and thus Seventies, the way I'm seeing it. Also a trfile Western too, as in Wild Western. Wonder if Wilde would have approved?

Stubbs out.

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