Morning Depth Seekers. My weekend job is a trifle challenging on a cultural level, but we all have our crosses to bear. Fortunately the antidote to the senses is here in the form of The Michael Clark Companys 'Triple Bill' at Barbican (click). Performances run from 21st-30th November. Am going twice and I dont even know/care who with. M.C. Co is the antidote to XF.

The Boom Boom Bap.

Praise the Lord, as soon as I heard the first bars of Scrit' Polit', was transported to the previous performance saw at Barbs'. Alleviated of the naffness instantly. Phew. I've mentioned Michaels work on Style&Error before (click). These new perfornances include bits from previous work and pieces that link them, or something, will re-read in detail. Middle bits if you will. The costume style alone is worth the efforts to attend, by Bodymaps Stevie Stewart. Clark's Company tweeted elements of the sound track yesterday on Spotify and immediately life got better, assuaging culture crimes from the weekend, (click) & phew. Other artists include Pulp, The Sex Pistols and Relaxed Muscle. Go have a shufty at Clarky on Twitter, and for Pete's sake get Spotify if you've not already.

Stubbs out.