Evening Style Merchants. Gotta commission/rustle-up a double swift black tie look before end of week, that has a touch of the Thirties Fred Astaire about it, who was nearly always in white tie and tails. It will be deployed in late January on the goggle box. Shouldnt be too hard. Its the season for it, right?

Vaniety Fair faux pas propadanda, 1924.

Shouldnt cause any fuss if I mess about with the genres, should it? I mean, no-one actually minds a bit of bending and cross pollination, non? Gonna put Hackett (my new Evening-Favs) vs Favourbrook and see what a g'wan, as it were. Just thought of one other Brit to hit. On the blower right now...

"You're a prima ballerina on a spring afternoon,

Change on into the wolfman howlin' at the moon, ohh"

Well, thats how I'm seeing it.

Stubbs out.