Evening Subterfuge Fiends. Just filed, at last. Two days late and over %50 over, for pity's sake. What a joker one is, but still what a relief? You'll be relieved to know The Madre's well on the mend too. She's gonna come up to London next week, and we're going to push the full boat out I hope. Sexton, O'Leary, Pontin, all sorts, who knows yet. Gonna lay some glamorous ground work tomorrow. Oh the glamorous ground work! Its been a while.

Filing for freedom.

It's been nothing but black melange this, Asics runners that, and the bang to copy mill, except for that brief foray to GQ bash. Note ensuing picture incident, must get dentist who cares, regardless. Filed. Phewmans. Now what should one do? Just don't know anymore. Kwanzaa Pose? What would you do? Everybody run run run? I think am gonna skatter skatter. File this.

Stubbs out.

P.S. This goes out to my old music bashment partner, Brine.