Evening Strum Merchants. So over das weekend I discovered Jeff Buckley doing I know It's Over, by, you know.. I know is probably a massive oversight, but hell you only discover it once, and I loved it all week since. You'll note its a trifle sad. But then so is quite a lot. He also sings it with Hallelujah. I've put both up, yeah? Heaven forbid I hit a deadline. Firstly the John Smedley * of both songs below.

I know its over. But luckily there's another down below. Am going John Smedley this week. My diarised Achtung!Knitwear Reminder! keeps flashing up from Holden in The Brick Lane manor. He goes off on a big romantic ship to New York later this week, so is expanding his wardrobe remit no end. Marvellous what a man can do with proper three piece Hayward, nein?

Know that Jeff's not exactly headline news here, but this week is completely fitting the bill. Meanwhile, gonna do some style coverage on here this week if it kills me. Really I am.

Stubbs out.

* medley, obvi'.

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