Afternoon Slip Streamers. Not a lot to report other than The GQ Christmas lunch yesterday. No comment currently, except for a picture of 'Grimmy' and I is out on the web, me billed simply as 'Guest'. My teeth are the colour of brandy butter. Quite bad. Grimmy & Grimace might have been more appropriate caption. Shan't smile again- which was my original stance, dagnabbit. Talking of old teeth, Christmas must definitely be here as I have just kindly been given a hamper by this charming man I know. Thank you darlink, its a beauty.

Serverly hampered work progress.

Still on the deadline, and Esquire if you're reading this, please can I have till tomorrow, had to go GQ bash? Poor excuse? Okay, Mary, my mother, has had a horrid ashma attack and I've been called to her aid, no messing. She was due to come up today, but instead, am going down. Yes thats right, I just played the Sick Mum Card, but needs must, no? I didnt get where I am today without playing a few cards. You should have been here last year. I had to have The Dead Dad Card re-laminated it got used so frequently. Anyway took hamper with me, and just done Mum Eggs Keynshamist, which is scrambled eggs on venison carpaccio and juniper with plum chutney. She sees to be holding it down. You only get this kind of gear in a hamper, non? Might offer her a couple of black stoneground charcoal wafers with some blue cheese on it maybe. They're a recipe for nouveau gout surely. Couple of mince pies Madre? Madre! Any brandy butter? Anyone ever had a brandy butter J.Arthur? Me neither. Will keep ya posted if I have to stop! Gorging that is.

Stubbs out of The Metropolis.

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