Afternoon Cloth Botherers. Hope all is well. Getting proper mill-in-tent with my research now, by time finished plan to be leading member of the fabric cognoscenti. However, just keep getting sidetracked by prospect of getting Crombie town coat made from this fabric. Plan to take advantage of made-to-measure offer, as seen exclusively in Zi Sharpener HTSI column (click) from last month. Its from Clissold Mill, in Bradford, bang Up North. They've just done the collaboration with Paul Smith on exclusive fabrics for his British collection (click). They are a very welcoming a lot. Plenty of cakes and premium biscuit. Look at this bit of smashing stuff. Nice, non?

Clissold H'bone overcheck. Overcoat material?

It's a 535/565g cloth in a 2/16’s worsted yarn coming up as a 2/2 Twill Herringbone, from the Braemar Collection 100% Wool Glenhunt Tweed. 150cm usable width should cover a nice covert style affair, no? They make this stuff on machines like this. Plant wise, not quite what was seeing in Biella last week, but the cloth is totes punching its weight with the Italian giants. Interesting, no?

Know what it means to work hard on machines do ya?

Then there's this bit of H'bone, thinking the brown. Not as interesting as other, is it? Wintery all round though, which is appropriate today. Glad got me new nan style Tods Gommino boots on. They're lined, like old dears wear. Lined with real nan fur inside. Lovely.

Double H'bone.

Mine have actually got a fur lining, which is well nice, thank you Sgnr. D.V. Got the image now, with nan fur inside, made from real nans. Love these guys. Very pleased indeed with that move.

Part of the fabric cognoscenti.

That said, there's an urge to tuck my jeans in, done up tight like special forces (not open casually, al a freaking boy ban) but still think is not correct. Best worn outside, nice and low key. Not apple-bottom jeans either. That would be simply awful. Am thinking more Alpine Cadet style with cinched-waist CP coat. But am always thinking that mind, Roger?

Tod's Gommino suede boot.

Gomminos with the fur.

Anyway, the winter wear plot thickens with the fur. Fur abounded last night at Anderson&Sheppard Icelandic ethical fur bash. The Icelandic Ambassador was there. Hard to spot mind. No time to do now though, but could show ya a picture maybe, if interested? Its below. There are versions with fur you know? You know us style journos are on to March, some of us.

Stubbs out.

The Sharpener, Massey Inc. and William Gilchrist recede with caution at the Anderson&Sheppard ethical Icelandic fur bash.