Morning Cloth Fondlers. Hope all is awfully fine. Am doing my mill thing, and am privvy to all sorts of new SS14 style stuff as a consequence. Paul Smiths new British Collection is particularly good on a mill culture level. Smith's been collaborating very closely with Clissold in Bradford.

These worsted wools subvert traditional British fabric types such as pinstripes, checks or play with graduation of tone/colour that is then 'lay plan' cut into the design. These graphically played takes with tweaked-Brit cloths in narrow SB format cannot help but look quite Moddy, esepcially the Union Flag design.

Sir Paul told me all about this caper back at LCM in June. He's dead enthusiastic about doing something really creative with Brit Tradition in a commercial-ish collection. He makes a lot of straighter suits, and this was Smith being unapologetically Smith. Thats enough for you for now.  Gonna put the accurate fabric breakdowns on, when I get 'em. Smashing to have liaised, but now back to what you were doing, but listen to this first. A cover of Kanga-Roo, from The This Mortal Coil's It'll All End In Tears album on 4AD , 1984. If you dont know T.M.C., and you like music, perhaps you should investiage it. The Cocteau Twins did Song To The Siren on it by Jeffs old Man. This was twenty years ago. Oh blimey..

Stubbs out.

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