Morning Louche-Lounge-Merchants. While shopping for various last week visited House of Hackney (click) on Shoreditch High Street, and amongst other bits and pieces, treated 'self to a couple of these leopard scattery guys. H of H is good to visit if looking for a frisson of exotic/oddness. Soft furnishings have long been one of my (many) woefully lacking suits. Would have liked the petrol/teal guys if they'd had 'em, while the maroon verison wouldn't work with my oatmeal sofa. Classic 'butterscotch' leopard it is then. Think will still work nicely with Hague Blue (click) walls when I get 'em done in early Jan, non?

Well cushty.

Then started looking at cutlery as the Madre is treating me to a new set, also long overdue, for Christmas. Thank you kindly Mary. Am bang into Lagouile stuff, probably because thats what they give you in L'Entrocote (click) I think. Maybe I made that up. Regardless, found their rather amusing leopard stake knives (click), decadent & kitch, non? £30 for the set! Non wonder have solded out.

Exotic edgey stakes.

Alongside all this retail gratifucation, also doing some maj' research into regional Italian tailoring styles. Those fuckers are all on holiday again it would seem. Again. Story of ones life, non? Might as well go running round the floodplains instead. Again. "Long afloat on shipless oceans, I did all my best to style". Listened to Song To The Siren* while high on a hill yesterday morning in brilliant sunshine. My goodness Liz Frazer is good at singing, non? Makes ya wonder if The Cocteau Twins might have been better off writing more songs with actual words. Just saying. Love your work Liz. Was obsessed by The Cocteaus when was a teen. Dont know why. Maybe thought that was exotic back then. Maybe it was.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis in foolish boat/Saab Aero.

* written by Tim Buckley.

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