Morning Style Mongers. Maria Callas was born ninety years ago this week. She's dead now mind. This shot below won her a reputation as a 'Tigress'. That is one harassed looking man in a hat there. He just served her with a legal writ. Underhanded, as she'd just come out of  a Judo semi-final at the Met, but such was the mood back in 1956. I take it you all know she was a Greek opera singer and a 9th Dan Judoka, right?

The not so gentle way to do business.

Amongst other things, nice bit of eyewear in the background too. Its like Dalston Junction, no? Below Callas sings. Casta Diva from Norma by Bellini. A gorgeous piece, sung various way by Callas over the years. Slight rough, brokenness to her voice is special.

Couldnt find the right take with her actually moving around singing it. It will work for now, no? Does this work as style editorial? I mean, he's got a hat on, Roger?

Its the Anderson&Sheppard Icelandic Ambssadors do this evening. Wonder what the dress code is. I buried a tie in the back garden last spring, wrapped in cooking parchment with some anchovies, all soaked in truffle oil. Reckon that might hit the spot, yah?

Stubbs out in The Metropolis, no word of a lie, almost certainly will be busting a tie. Vintage Hermes, an equestrian tackle pattern is emerging, nein? Its

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