Afternoon Graft-Swervers. On it, under it, flopping left, right & mentor. Nothing like a deadline to crash my sense of urgency. A weekend Wembley work caper doesnt help matters neither. Now gotta pull finger out as am in proper d-line trouble. I need a plan, so naturally procrastination has taken hold. Compelled to share the big winner of the weekend: matey off the telly with an Anderson&Sheppard blue houndtooth pocket square in his new mid-blue Thom Sweeney three piece wool mohair affair. A spectacular suit, with peaks and squared off DB vest, new raw silk midnight blue Drakes tie, Emmett blue round cut collar in blue, the full quintuple inner city blues (click) -see bottom of post. It's these little fellas am chatting about, £35 a go from the Dabberhashery on Clifford (click), which is a shocking steal frankly compared to the competition. They rule the top pockets of The Metropolis currently, do ya get me?

Meanwhile, wanted to post the additional version of Trouble Man, with Marvin singing over himself in a different key, but cant find video of it. Go Spotify or buy it to hear (click). Two Marvins for one? Yes please. Note Gaye's fur trim coat on the 2 min mark. This could be a thing for next weeks Wembley style merchants, according to the banter on the street. Well, in the corridors that count at least. Have more fur style banter to for ya later, but right now the sun's out too, making things worse. There's only three things that's for sure: proscastination, running & trouble. See you on The Downs, hipsters.

Stubbs out.

From Wembley telly program at weekend.

Inner City Blues x 5 (click).

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