Evening Evening-wear Fundamentalists. Rather hoping to swerve the WindReel&Print party tonight, but then this little polka dot silk jacket cropped up yesterday at Hackett. Rather likey. Might be compelled to rustle up a suitable look, its amazing, like a tie fabric. Maybe it is tie fabric. Needs taking down a notch or two on the evening stakes for tonight's mood mind.

Hackett AW13 -thats now you know?

It's like a chic little tie wrapper, but need to break it quite a bit or will look like old pillock in with 'the kids' of TV. Okay, more of an old pillock. Might have to drag carcass through George for drink too, so needs to be versitilio look too. Regardless, bought myself another little black, number yesterday too. A little Saab 9.3 Aero guy, see below. Will post better picture when have, at mo' flat out, and had to snap this while 'working'.

Saab Aero 9.3- thats mine you know?

Actually fancy some other tunes on here, but the WRAP thing is on my mind and this sort of amuses me. Might update. Might go out. Take it fellas...

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

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