Morning Yule-Loggers. Couple of things, yeah, regardless of what you're doing, surely ya need a good sound track, Roger? Just made a double nice little Christmas playlist for entertaining at The Madres yard today. Running alongside petitioning for the campaign to keep vegatable cooking times to single figures (in minutes), the music has gotta be right, right? I'm directing you to my Spotify account, righty? Reckon will half sort your day out if you can log on, trust man (click).

Aretha, Art, the fucking Coldplay, and many more didnt make the cut, however, it's still plenty popularist in places, yet with Christmas pony-ness extracted. Its also quite a Bluesy affair. Join Spotify for pities sake, and you've got a chance. Roger? Am on Twitter as StyleAndErrorUk, and have tweeting up a  link. How simple? Happy Yule you lot.

Stubbs is out of the Yule-Metropolis.