Evening Style Fundamentalists. Dont for a minute think am getting bogged down with emotion and regret. Far from it. Am not. Just marking time. Am going onwards, upwards, just not on a scooter. Am however double obsessed with Boglioli. Its all anyones talking about round my place.

Two tone chalk stripe on brown wool for AW14/15

Nothing in those shoulders there, no padding (or baggage), literally nothing. Like the styling and fabrication? I did. All their own exclusive compositions. Bravi The Boglili Massive.

Remarkable multi herringbone stripes in cotton compositions for AW14/15

When I do this properly, will use their images and everything. Mention the designer, CEO and history, but for now, guess what? Am on zi deadline train again. NB. One doesnt sound the G when saying Boglioli, although it is far more fun to do so. Apply as you see fit.

Stubbs out & under the cosh.

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