Morning Style Mongers. Got the cable car to work yesterday from Geneva to the Millennium  dome, leaving on the 2.15. I really love doing that. Why it's such a thrill? Cos is so, so solo, and its so damn quiet. You're darn right. Thats where the Naffonal TV Awards were last night. It was deemed huge success. Culture wasnt a nominee this time, but people certainly were having a hoot at the after party. I was forced to duck in but swerved due to horological fatigue. Matey off the box looked great in Gieves three piece and vintage Albert watch chain courtesy of pals Massey &Stretch respectively, new pals no less. Sorry about odd expression below, but trying to get garms, fisog, Thames, Dome and car all in one portrait, and lets face it- poses aint my forte, and its a selfie ffs. I was none the less ecstatic.

Thom Sweeney, Emmett, Tautz tie, Chester Barrie collar pin and Tom Ford pocket square.

I'm also double, perhaps triple happy about new Thom Sweeney grey Scabal hopsack wool three-piece am wearing, with their new vest shape. Stuck another picture at end from 11.35am in morning to get the texture thing across, also in Tautz hounds tooth charcoal tie. Is so spot on feel could live, sleep and build houses in it. Its keeping me together. Other than that, am running on pretty empty. Sorry if sound ungrateful, but thats how it is up here above The Thames.

Sorrow's not the right word. I'll have a look in the Thesaurus for better ones when am not about to be crushed/splayed by another deadline. They don't stop. Dont interrupt the deadlines- You're darn right. Joni dalink, you couldn't strum one out for us, could ya? Love MsMitchell perpetually. One of few constants. That's what my mind lacks. Constants. Everythings dangling in a bleedin cable car, slowly, inevitably moving to different perspectives the whole time. Its entertaining and never boring, but its no good to take a 'life selfie' and get a reading on where one actually stands. Thats how come I've fucked it. Solo cable cars are fun, but not enough.

Stubbs out.

Dermot in Gieves & Hawkes black jacquard and vintage watch chain, Lanvin tie, croissant- stylist own.

TS with friend James Dowling, watch historian and commentator who was giving the experts on the Panerai stand some additional fact and colour for balance. Press releases? Who needs 'em!

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