Morning Verve Monitors. Excuse Fridays editorial culdesac. Meant to take pictures of the new Thom Sweeney (click) three piece, but clean forgot. Then clean lost camera. Dont even go there. My policy of staying in New Years Eve, only to go out solidly for following few days apparently has draw backs. Made me double anxious/fretful am afraid. At least Miles got an outing yesterday, non? The suit is utterly smashing but cannot show ya the gorgeous mid-grey thick wool hop-sack material from Scabal. Shame. It also features their new vest shape. Further newness from Thom Sweeney would be their RTW range that is soon to be exclusively available on Mr.Porter, below. Suits from a reasonable £1295 or so. This fabric is a re-worked vintage wool overcheck from my new mill pals Vitale Barberis. Double nice, non? Reckon the models hair's too messy though.

Thom Sweeney SS14 RTW for Mr.Porter

Anyway, am in process of re-discovering what I do for a living, so writing all weekend and getting pysched for London Collections:Men (click) which starts Monday, although events start tonight ffs, as Mr.Hare petitioned me to go to his do at The Groucho tonight when I saw him on road. Am swerving it, sobriety is the new strong story for me I think. Grey fabric and sobriety. Talking of which, am about to re-re-discover Japan, the group, not the country. Love those guys. Nightporter on OGWT is below. David Silvian on keyboards and Mick Karn on oboe/bassoon for a change, instead of his usual fretless bass/marimba thing. Too, too good, and just how am feeling in this corner of the year/world. Expect more Japan style and music on here shortly. David could dress and style very well one notes, non? His hair was never too messy, always special. Attempted to copy this hair while a young-ish teen, at school. Often had to go and give it a second blow at lunchtimes to  keep the volume up. Looking back, this might have been an error.

Stubbs out.

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