Morning Style Fundamentalists. Its begun. Rake magazine do at The Claridges was utterly marvellous, no messing. Almost had a three hour long anxiety attack as was so many luminaries of our world orbiting  the stunning Deco entrance chambre to the famous ballroom, and so little time to stumble into them all. No time to bang on now either,  more about this later and more shots of bash. A trully elegant affair. Loved the roster of guests and the venue. Dont remember better party at LCM to date.

Mr.Cifonelli the Parisian tailor & Mr.Crompton off of Permanent Style.

Shaun the tie maker, Adam the designer, Nick Scott Rake Editor and fella from NY.

Edward Sexton and Joe Morgan.

Was rolling with all sorts, but particular Mr&Mrs Sexton, wholooked properly deco herself btw. Proper tailoring royalty and family all in one bash. Note Joe Morgan was Edwards assistant, and "my biggest regret in working life was not taking Joe with me when I assumed my own identity as Sexton, not working under Nutter umbrella any more" says Edward today in his studio, at a fitting, for my new suit for Milan. Edward and Joe remain best of friends. Morgan has found his own strong identity too, Edward and I both confirm.Wait till you see it the new Sexton whistle boys. Shit the bed Milan aint gonna know whats hit it.

Gandy, Koh, O'Leary, Stubbs

Jeremy Hackett and Caragh McKay of The Telegraph et al.

I didnt drink and it was a revelation, but unfortunately this doesnt mean my face will behave in a photograph though. Gonna update all this, but this was the most elegant do, Sexton has confirmed this, so its a style fact, Roger? And remember style disciples, always match your lighter to the architectural style of the building, righty?

Stubbs out.

PS. We should all note that this smashing bash was conceived in conjuntion Ming Corp- (Lara Mingay productions/communications). G'wan The Baroness!

Sarah Murry fashion Editor of The Rake with velvet pillock.

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