Afternoon Moda Affamato. Seem to have gone direct from a bunker under London to a spire above Milan without covering much of days II & III at LC:M. Sorry to leave ya hanging and hungry, but thats how am rolling am afriad. Check The GQ if you need more updates, they seem prettty much all over the situation. There's more of them and they're pros, so what can I say except I cant seem to get a light on my Montecristo Minis up here. Or much of a signal on my dongal. It's also dopio molto freddo.

Shot by Mario De Biais 1954 - Il Duomo

Will try and nod toward what a g'wan out here at Milano Menswear, but am finding it tricky, Roger? Debuting the bad boy Sexton flannel DB. Theres some coverage for ya. Inspired, excuse pun, by the image on Boglioli's invite for tomorrow, so somethings bound to turn up you'd be interested by. Till then, maybe get a take-away in, Roger?

Stubbs out.

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