Morning Style Merchants. I know when to go out, and when to stay in. Get things done. Staying in alone was last night. Swerved TVs empty audio-visual detritus and watched Network (click) instead. Its got my pal Finch's Dad in a lead role, which is nice. Faye does rather well too it has to be said: A raving sort in slacks and neutrals. Poignant film nearly forty years later. Smashing era for drama in suits too. Now, as revellers of last night lick their various wounds am heading Lido in my Speedos. After the visceral ritual of swimming in the elements is done, the matter of the annual New Years Day lunch with Holden, aka The Wrong Writer (click) is to be considered. Note. Holden also strong in the film. The dress code might well be affected by his recent romantic Atlantic crossing on the QEII. Might. Or indeed by network ratings. Stay tuned.

Spare us the cutlery.

So, Happy New Year from motherĀ Mary, Laguiole and I. The Madre and I have collaborated over the acqusition/installation of my new Laguiole cutlery. It's a revelatory game-changer of a move, up there with the scatter-cushion-fest' thats a gwanning in the living room. Polar upgrades both. Just goes to show what defines moods can be so, so straight forward. I went for 'tonal' sets of Laguiole, in various vintage like hues and will wrestle all those who dont like that option, Roger that?

Duval dinner dressed for Network.

Meanwhile, back to lunch & Lido focus. Where exactly is the right blend of modern and classic for our timely, traditional, sit-down? And what should us New Year gentleman lunchers wear? Can confirm am wearing a Seventies trench in deference Network, hope to get rained on and start shouting. Will get back to you on that. Dont go too berserk. Dave, something light please...

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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