Morning Style Sputniks. I guess you know, you guess am just a radical. Or was it radiator? Did seem obvious at some point, no? So am looking at reclaimed rads, right, and am planning to get them done in that sort of pewter/chrome silvered/black finish. Not exactly radical thinking but cant seem to help myself. One, two, one two three.

Ying Yang Rads.

Like these fin-ish guys, but remember some I saw off Essex Road at The Architectural Forum (clicky) that were even more finny. More exagerated. Or did I slightly enhance the memory. Enhanced memories eh. Who knows?

As an interlude while I talk Rads talk, remember The New Radicals? One good song and this was it. You Get What You Give. Remember It's On? Course you do/dont. Seminalental Ninties pill club, right. Top Tunes, Shite Mixing (click) was da mantra. I proposed this as an Its On song and it became one. Aks The Balearic Russian (click). He'll back man up. We had the dreamers disease back then. This song is actually giving me goose bumps. Only thing is, they're on my varicose veins. Tricky.

His clothes were awful, American style, but the song was good. Should have kept the fishing hat on bredrin'. "Fashion shows with Beck and Hanson, Courtney Love and Marlyn Manson". Quite.

Anyway, back to the new old rads,  theres also the four poster guys of course. Hmm. Got my tape out last night. Measured my rooms. Both of them. Everything. What next?

Old Radicals

Well, am gonna go and see a man named Gustav on the Valentine Estate now, so if you dont hear from me again, send radiators. Send New Radicals. Send Rodigan? Did some one mention Rodigan? More, of, that, later. Laters.

Stubbs out

PS. I've still got the music in me, but not sure what the fuck to do with it these days. What would you do Gustav?

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