Morning Style Mentalisers. I was talking to Holden, in his dark melange sweat and his Wizards hat. You see when work was ended, went out to TheWrongWriter (click) he having made a prawn curry, which we ate and spoke of movies and verse. Then went to the Dagmar Wine Bar on Jubilee cross with Hackney Road. Walking there we spotted a chip shop/restaurant, formerly an estate boozer, now called 'Clutch' with most ridiculous hybrid giant deformed austerity light fittings I've ever seen. Clutch was thoroughly lit and thoroughly empty. He mentioned a pop-up archive he'd heard about and how ridiculous that was too. We walked and talked of the fashion and a life in its theatre, is certainly fraught with many spills and chills.

Burberry Summer Snood in polka dot silk cashmere is £395

This Burberry Summer Snood will keep the fashion chill out, maybe. Its a jolly colour and pattern, no? Not certain I fancy jolly right now, but it makes a pleasant shape. I spent 20 hours writing about these sort of guys this weekend before the curry outing. We both shared a piece of £9 cheese and spoke of our lives and our dreams. Then went home. Not got time to make sense of this now. Have found all manner of other special numbers too. Not gonna share now though. Going down the Lido, then to Sauvages on Great Eastern. Maybe. Then its back to the womb. Defo.

Burberry SS14. 'Writers&Painters' inspired by Hockney&Bennett.

Talking of banter, am feeling the way Lou talks about his pals in this track, am gonna build on it, but not got time now. Cant find a version can imbed that isnt a boring live one, that actually works, and or that isnt this one with tits and stuff in it. Not my choice. But it is yours if you watch it. Lou? Take it..

Stubbs out.