Morning Lifestyle Speculators. Still in process of rediscovering profession this weekend, nearly there, not quite. But after a solid day's googling/'writing', treated 'self to late, solo visit to Hackney Picturehouse to see American Hustle (click). The film is double good. The wardrobe exemplary. David O.Russell is good, especially when Baley's on the firm. Not gonna bang on 'bout cast, characters and music, no need. Do go and see it. Christian Bale's comb-over is a lesson to us all in elaborate hair subterfuge. His look reminds one of an esteemed style merchant who's been in the pinky FT this Friday (click), except Irving Rosenfeld is fat, and balding. Should run it past him before I publish that opinion fully. Can you name that tailor/designer in one without the clicky?

Seventies set (three) piece.

London Collections:Men starts today, in a way, with a Rake magazine party at The Claridges. Not sure if totes ready for all this. Not finished copy/graft etc., and sobriety feels so, so right. Now the times are changing, the going could get rough. Its crossed my mind I should take the Aero. That'd make for a quieter life, non? You're a full on lifestyle merchant Dave*, what would you do?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis**.

* the other Dave. Sylvian. Obvyousli.

**Later on.