Evening Style Fundamentalists. Here's the ShowStudio Milan Menswear panel from yesterday that one sat on. For their version which is more defined than the smaller embedded guy below (click). Smashing way to spend an hour, and man those Rocco chocolates were morish (click). Did 14 all told, on and off line. Dropped the Thom Sweeney Scabal wool hopsack three-piece in case things got a bit rowdy, as have heard that Stoppard 'The Chair' (click) can properly mix it when she wants to. Did fluff my publication intro' under the glaring lights of the media pressure, again, but as it was turned out a double pleasant breeze to be involved. The panel introduce themselves far more efficiently, so I shant bore you with it in writing. Nick Knight's bone China was a delight to drink out of too. Do hope to go back again if they invite.

Stubbs out.

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